Department of Pathology

The department of pathology is involved in undergraduate teaching, research and diagnostic work .The department provide histopathology cytopathology and haematology services to the Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital.

Pathology is the scientific study of diseases serving as a bridge between the preclinical sciences and clinical medicine. The abnormalities in the body as a whole, in organs, tissues, cells and in body fluids, are manifestations of these diseased processes and, by examination of such altered material; the information regarding the basic nature of the disease may be obtained. Pathology is therefore the study upon which the practice of medicine is based.

Subdivision of pathology:

•  Anatomical pathology - used synonymously with histopathology/surgical pathology. The study includes gross or macroscopic changes,
    and the changes detected by light and electron microscopy.

  • Histopathology
    Deals with the study of tissues removed from the living body (taught under two headings, general and systemic pathology)
  • Cytopathology / Cytology
    this includes study of cells shed off from lesions (exfoliative cytology) and fine needle aspiration (FNAC) of superficial and deep-seated lesions for diagnosis.

•  Haematology - Haematology deals with the diseases of blood.

•  Chemical Pathology - Analysis of biochemical constituents of blood, urine, semen, CSF, and other body fluids is included in this branch of pathology.

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