Medical Education Unit (MEU)

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) in the Faculty of Medicine, SAITM was established with the aim of empowering members of the staff of the Faculty of Medicine, to enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes in areas of teaching and learning, curriculum development, assessments, evaluation, research in higher education and management, so that they can contribute positively and meaningfully, towards the development of the faculty, and the institution.

In this context the unit provides advice, guidance and assistance to the staff to understand the principles of educational pedagogy, develop and apply their skills in teaching learning methods, curriculum design and development, assessments and evaluation through meetings and workshops conducted by local and international experts.

The MEU encourages its staff to develop an awareness regarding the latest trends and innovations in Medical Education and promote the use of Information technology and web based resources for teaching, learning and assessment.

The unit also provide the STAFF support and assistance to explore areas to do meaningful research in higher education which will contribute to growth in knowledge in medical education.

The MEU promotes professionalism and excellence in medical education at every opportunity.

The committee is manned by experienced teachers and those with staff development and medical education qualifications and expertise. There is representation by at least one member of the academic staff from each department. This ensures that activities, decisions are effectively communicated to all academic staff in the Faculty.

The MEU reports to the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine and to the Internal Quality Assurance Committee of SAITM.

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