Ethical Review Committee

The Ethical Review Committee (ERC), Faculty of Medicine of South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine was formed on a mandate from the Faculty Board in 2012. As such it reports to the Faculty Board meetings by sending the confirmed minutes to the Dean.

The primary role of the ERC is to review the research applications submitted to it, to protect the participants and the community. Academics and other researchers are encouraged to send their proposals for ethical review prior to commencement of any research study. The research proposal should be accompanied by a duly filled application (Download ERC Form). Simultaneously, the researcher should send the proposal to the research committee as well for scientific evaluation.

If ethical approval is granted, the chairperson/secretary takes measures to inform the researcher promptly by letter. If the research proposal is not up to ethical standards, at least three members of the ERC including either the chairperson or the secretary meet the researchers to discuss the identified weaknesses. The ERC also takes into consideration the comments of the research committee.

The composition of ERC is such that it has independent and competent members with relevant scientific expertise. At least one member from each department of the Faculty of Medicine is represented in the ERC and includes members from both sexes and from senior as well as junior staff. To ensure department representation, each department nominates a member and conveys the name to the Dean who informs the Faculty Board and after approval, the member is appointed to the ERC. The committee also has at least three ‘non-scientific’ members from the community, including a person from the legal profession. From time to time staff members with experience in ethics review, research and in a relevant field like statistics are invited to be members by consensus or elected at an ERC meeting.

Wherever necessary persons with specialized knowledge are co-opted when required by the ERC.

Members serve a three year term of office and new members are appointed in a staggered manner so that the ERC will have experienced members at the time the new members join, who may be relatively less experienced in ethical review practice.

The ERC meets monthly on a specified day of the month so that the members can plan their calendar to attend the meetings and researchers too are duly informed.

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