BSc (Hons) in Computing with Interactive Media

Creative individuals aspiring to obtain a Degree in Multimedia now have an opportunity to complete their degree in Sri Lanka at SAITM. This 3 year BSc in Computing with Interactive Media Degree is offered by a reputed UK University usually costs about Rs.1,300,000/=.

However, SAITM offers you at a cost of about 760,000/= with the SAITM / BNU collaboration.

The fast changing world of New Media and the Web is one of the most exciting areas in the digital media domain. The opportunities are almost limitless for those who wish to combine design and technical skills.

Why choose this course?

  • The course prepares you for a professional career in the exciting and rapidly changing area of Interactive Media.
  • It gives you the opportunity to develop a wide range of practical abilities and knowledge in areas such as web design and development, streaming media, rich-media, interaction design, digital sound and video, image composition, 3D modeling and animation, project management and critical and creative thinking.
  • You will design, develop, and manage your own sophisticated media-rich, dynamic web site.
  • You will work with industry-standard software packages, processes and techniques in well-equipped computer labs and workshops.
  • You will have the opportunity to work on your own large-scale and client-based projects.
  • You will work alongside award winning practitioners and researchers in the field of Interactive Media.

Career opportunities

Opportunities to work in interactive media are very broad and could include: interactive and dynamic web design and development, e-learning, project management, design and development of interactive CDs & DVDs, online marketing & advertising, e-commerce, online publishing, online broadcasting & pod-casting, and digital entertainment.

Course Details

  • Year 1 allows you to explore key themes surrounding interactive authoring and authoring for the Web. It looks at digital image creation, and enables you to design and develop interactive multimedia product concepts. It also introduces you to sound theory, audio recording techniques, digital audio technology and the composition of sound.
  • Year 2 explores scripting, streaming media, and project management for interactive media. It introduces you to methods of generating dynamic web pages, and enables you to originate, capture, edit, post-produce and integrate digital video for effective communication in an interactive environment.
  • Year 3 provides opportunities for the application of creative problem-solving and technical skills. It explains the process of originating and designing an interactive multimedia document, and explores various theories about the process of human learning and their relevance for the design of computer-based materials. You will create your own professional portfolio/show reel, and devise a personal strategy towards employment or self development.

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