Edexcel BTEC HND in Interactive Media

The BTEC Higher National Diploma in Interactive Media is a 16-unit qualification of which seven are core units. The BTEC Higher National Diploma programme must contain a minimum of eight units designated at H2 level.

At SAITM we offer 4 units per semester. These HND units usually does NOT contain exams but your performance will be continuously assessed through hands-on assignments.

You will be exposed to

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Art & Design tools
  • Website development
  • Video editing
  • Sound editing
  • Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Programming principles
  • Developing user friendly interfaces
  • Interactive Media programming
  • Marketing Interactive Media
  • Understanding different cultures

The following diversified units are offered at SAITM

Unit No Unit Name Level Core?
2 Computing Fundamentals H1 Core
8 Interactive Media Principles H1
14 Computer Programming Principles H1
23 Marketing Development Using Interactive Media H2
1 Computer Applications in Art and Design H1 Core
12 Computer Interface Design Principles H2
4 Interactive Media Web Authoring H2 Core
10 Animation Techniques H1
5 Historical and Contextual Referencing H1 Core
11 3D Computer Modelling and Animation H2
3 Interactive Media Design and Authoring H1 Core
13 Sound Production and Editing Using Interactive Media H1
6 Interactive Media Professional Practice H2 Core
7 Cultural Interpretation H2 Core
18 Website Creation and Management H2
25 Digital and Video Post Production and Editing H2

More information?

Download Edexcel HND in Interactive Media specification here .

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