SAITM 6th International Research Symposium on Engineering
Advancement (IRSEA 2016)

04th June 2016

SAITM International Research Symposium on Engineering Advancement (IRSEA) is an international conference held annually at the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM), Malabe. IRSEA is truly an inspiring event organized by the Faculty of Engineering at SAITM in order to foster and build strong partnerships with the industry and academia. This conference facilitates presentations of research in engineering and technological advancement of present and future needs. Furthermore, the symposium also facilitates to present research activities carried out by SAITM engineering undergraduate students. SAITM Faculty of Engineering, successfully held its 6th Annual International Research Symposium on Engineering Advancement (IRSEA 2016) at the SAITM auditorium on 04th June 2016.

IRSEA is known for its well participated forum and as an annual event for enlightening research findings among the professionals engaged in the fields of engineering in Sri Lanka. More than 75 presentations from researchers at different institutions – universities, research institutes, and private organizations, industries, and also professionals from both local and foreign countries are presented at theme-dependent special sessions in this conference.The themetic sessions include a number of emerging fields of engineering such as Structural Engineering and Finite Element Analysis, Highway Construction and Transportation Engineering, Renewable Energy, Consumption and Management, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Communication and Information Engineering, Image and Signal Processing, Quality Control and Management, Robotics, Control and Automation, Bio Systems Engineering with emphasis on Food and Bio Process Engineering and Town Planning and Urban Management. The dialogues and discussions that have taken place in past conferences of IRSEA have stimulated and entrusted researchers for advancement in the knowledge and technologies. It is hoped that the conference in this year would also contribute to the scientific advancement and as well as technological advancements and help bridge existing knowledge gaps and country’s development.

The presentations are compiled and published in a proceeding, which is considered as an esteemed service to the field of engineering and technological fields of the country. The findings presented in the conference unequivocally benefit engineers, engineering students as well as those engaged in the fields of engineering and technologies and related disciplines in Sri Lanka. The proceedings of the past conferences are available for scientists and graduate and undergraduate students and professionals free of charge (

SAITM is an UGC approved, non-state sector degree awarding higher education institute in Sri Lanka established in year 2009. The Institute consists of four faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of ICT and Media and Faculty of Management and Finance; namely.