SAITM Engineering Students Top AIT Graduation

Date : 11 September 2014

The 121st graduation ceremony of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand held on 23rd May 2014 at Bangkok saw 68 engineering students who had transferred from South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) graduating with top honors making Sri Lanka proud.

The undergraduates, who have completed the first two years of study at SAITM in the 2+2 program, transferred to AIT in August 2012 and were residing in the sprawling 450 acre AIT campus premises mingling with more than 2000 undergraduates and postgraduates from as many as 40 countries. Specializing in a wide range of field of studies such as Civil & Infrastructure, Electronics, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering, SAITM students excelled in securing 16 First Class Honors, 12 Second Class (Upper Division) Honors and 8 Second Class (Lower Division) Honors.

In addition, SAITM students Ms. D. I. Peiris, Mr. Shaun Pulle and Ms. K. Dalpathadu topped the fields of Civil & Infrastructure, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering respectively. Further, 3 graduates, Ms. Asali Peiris, Ms. Aruni Rajanayake and Mr. Shaun Pulle won the prestigious King's Scholarship for their all-round performances and will pursue their Master of Science degree (MSc) at AIT.

Many of the successful graduates have been accepted by top ranking universities in Australia, Canada and USA while the rest are being quickly snapped up by the industry. It is heartening to see a number of graduates securing employment in many organizations overseas as Engineers while some of the top industry names in Sri Lanka offering lucrative positions to those who are wishing to launch their career in home territory.

Commenting on their success to become highly employable world class Engineers many students and parents are of the view that it is the high quality world class academic training input they had at SAITM and AIT which paved the way. Considered by many experts and observers of local and international higher education scene as a tough course of the highest standards, this 4 year BSc Honors course in Engineering owe its success to as many as 150 top notch academics at SAITM and AIT, among them some of the best in the world. It should be mentioned that in addition to the core permanent academics consisting of PhD holders in Engineering, an extensive team of senior professors, industry specialists and academics have contributed in molding of the successful graduates. Despite the high demand for seats, in keeping with AIT's policy of remaining a non-profit organization providing opportunities to the highly skilled youth of the Asia-Pacific region, AIT has decided to keep the tuition fees at an affordable level for a foreseeable future. However, the intake, which has commenced registration for 2014/15 will be limited to 200 students to maintain the high standards SAITM and AIT has set for themselves.

SAITM/AIT Engineering degree courses, highly commended by the Ministry of Higher Education in Sri Lanka, The University Grants Commission (UGC), The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), industry, academics of state universities and parents, have already caught the attention of many foreign students from the region. It is of no doubt that SAITM/AIT program will continue to produce world class Engineers in the years to come.

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