2012 A/L Students Begin their Engineering
Education at SAITM

Date: 2nd October 2012

The Faculty of Engineering of the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) held the inauguration ceremony for its 7th intake of Engineering students for the academic year commencing in October 2012. SAITM, being the first non state sector higher education institute, to receive the degree awarding status from the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka, is offering bachelor degree programs in Medicine, Engineering, Multimedia, Management and Finance. Engineering degree is awarded in affiliation with the prestigious Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). AIT was established with the backing of United Nations (UN) in 1959 and is held in high esteem by the Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka and the University Grants Commission (UGC). This degree is a BSc Engineering honors degree program which is a 4 year full time course and is recognized by professional bodies in Engineering for their membership. The government of Sri Lanka is a signatory to the AIT charter thus has a direct stake in it.

SAITM has given the opportunity to both Local and London A/L students to realize their higher education dream while being in Sri Lanka. Further, avenues have been opened for foreign students as well as Sri Lankan expatriates’ children to have a high quality education at SAITM at an affordable cost.

The students who are awaiting their A/L results from the 2012 examination got the opportunity to enroll for the program subject to an interview done by the Faculty in addition to the students who have successfully completed their A/L examination in the mathematics stream. SAITM offers engineering degrees in Mechatronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Engineering, Civil and infrastructure Engineering. Further, two new degree programs were introduced in Bio systems and Environmental Engineering for students who have done A/Ls in Biology or Mathematics streams.