The External Verifier from Edexcel , UK Gives an Excellent feedback to the Faculty of Management and Finance.

The Edexcel External verifier visit which was held on 9th August 2011 was a very successful visit. The External verifier Ms. Nicola Mortimer- Stokes, who is also the European representative of the Internal Quality Assurance Advisory committee, awarded an “A” grading for the consecutive second time and gave an excellent feedback to the faculty of Management and Finance. A grade “A” is given for the “Strong delivery and assessment with areas of good practice, supported by a full functioning QA system” and it is the best grade an institute can obtain from the Edexcel, United Kingdome. Further, only very few institutes in Sri Lanka has obtained this grading before for the Edexcel HND in Business Management.

The good practices she had identified and noted in her report of the faculty were:

1. The expertise shown in designing assignments and      the guidance provided to the students were      Excellent.
2. Interesting and good learning opportunities provided      to the students through well written assignments.
3. Performance of students and the depth and breadth      of the studies they have undertaken were excellent.
4. Students’ feedback of lecturing was noted as      ‘superb’
5. Evidence of innovative styles of teaching and different     style of learning experiences provided to students     with applications from real world businesses.
6. Rated the provision of facilities of the institute      available for students as high.
7. Progression of HND students into a locally delivered      UK degree programme from Buckinghamshire New      University was noted as a good practice.